Today’s libraries subscribe to an immense quantity of content from a myriad of publishers and providers. Searching through hundreds of different electronic databases can be very confusing and time-consuming for students, researchers and other patrons. Our goal is to be efficient integrated search system, optimizing the integration of all resources in with one click.

Established in 1999, ePASS Co. began revolutionizing the library industry in Asia. In less than 5 years, 80% of libraries began using Lib.Steps to search their databases. In 2008, Lib.Steps was introduced in Japan, and currently services over 200 public libraries. Additionally, over 100,000 users in Latin America using Lib.Steps to search in multiple languages in real time.

Lib.Steps provides real-time search functionality, allowing the user the access content as soon as its published. This feature reduces the 30-90-day access downtime that occurs when discovery systems harvest metadata. Researchers will now have access to the most up to date information available. Lib.Steps utilizes a fully-transparent ranking algorithm, that ens