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Limitless Digital Coverage

  • Search multiple databases with just one click

  • Limitless Coverage of local and international databases

  • Multilingual keyword and database search capability

  • Fully compatible with all Library Management Systems

Compatible with all Library Management Systems


International Databases


Groups of Interest



Real Time Searching

  • “Hot off the press” access to content

  • No need for index harvesting

  • Live searching allows access to the most up to date information

  • Full text searching, not just metadata

Features and Services

Over 129,815 users searching in real-time!

Easy to Use

  • Fully remote installation, no hardware neded

  • LSL: Lib.Steps Link Resolver included

  • Personalized A-to-Z lists

  • Auto-maintenance ensuring no down-time

  • API compatibility available

  • Real-time usage response

  • Responsive format for all mobile devices

Over 300 institutions currently using Lib.Steps for their searching needs.


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